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On-Site Event Video Coverage
If the quality of footage your team provides is sub-par, or you would simply like exclusive coverage, Varsity Highlights can attend your sporting event and capture it in full 1080p high definition digital video or even 4K Ultra HD. This will result in crystal clear quality when editing the footage into highlight reels. Every play will be easily visible to viewers allowing your skill level and potential to be accurately displayed.

Are you a parent who has tried to film the games yourself, but end up shouting and jumping up and down everytime your child makes a play? Our sports videographers all have over 1000 hours of shooting time experience and can guarantee no plays, action or memorable moments will be missed. Every shot will be steady, in focus, and capture the entire scene.

All Varsity Highlights Videographers have official press passes and credentials, which often will allow them into events and restricted areas, (UFC Weigh-Ins, NFL Press Box, sideline access, etc) This access allows VH to get the shots no one else can!

If you would like to have one, or a team of our videographers attend your event call us now at the office 201-767-1305 or shoot over an e-mail to info@varsityhighlights.tv

“I was always too emotionally involved in the games when I was shooting them myself... Now I don’t have to worry about missing my child’s best plays and my shaky footage!”

-J. Procida

“We usually have one of the freshmen players shoot all of our Varsity footage, but since making the switch to VH, our film review sessions have improved out play on the field tremendously”

- Coach Dunn

“I had VH shoot a softball showcase for my daughter and the footage really displayed her talents. After sending the footage to coaches she received several offers from colleges”

- H. Jabba

Varsity Highlights is a full video production studio. We take pride in staying ahead of the curve with todays most advanced, cutting edge technologies and reording techniques. Everything from FPV action camera shots, live streaming events, and even aerial drone video and photography can be incorporated into your specific project. This allows us to create effects and shots unlike anything seen with other sports highlight video recruiting companies.

Call 201-767-1305 or e-mail info@varsityhighlights.tv to book your event or find out how we can help!

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Varsity Highlights is your connection to the area’s top sports highlight video and recruiting resource in the country.  We specialize in High Definition highlight videos for all sports.  Our videos showcase each player’s full athletic ability.  If you are planning on continuing your athletic career in college, obtaining a highlight reel to showcase your  talent  is a must!

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