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Getting noticed is the first step in the world of college recruiting.  Separating yourself from the norm is an extremely difficult task, but we are here to help. With our team of coaches, editors, and film  technicians we will make sure that you will have an edge on the  competition. Varsity Highlights offers complete college and high school recruiting services. These services are custom tailored to specific sports, individual  athletes, and entail all aspects necessary in todays competitive  recruiting process. We will showcase an athletes full athletic  potential.

We know many people dont even know where to start, let alone navigate to process all the way to making your spot on the roster. We will guide you through every aspect.

1.  The ONLY way to spark NEW interest from coaches is by sending new content, therefore a mid-season highlight is non-negotiable.    You can wait to send an end of season highlight if you are OKAY with giving the competition a 2 month recruiting head start.

2.  Let everyone know your intention of playing college football.   Start with your Head coach, position coach, athletic director, strength & conditioning coach, boosters etc.   The football community is very closely knit, and much of recruiting is still done by recommendations and referrals.

3.  Contact the coach’s that gave you their business cards on the “Camp Circuit” this summer. An email/phone call can go a long way.  Often times all a coach needs is a reminder to put you back on the top of the list.

4.  Take unofficial visits and as many game day trips as possible!  Unofficial visits are unlimited so take advantage.   These trips will be informal.  It is a perfect way to see what the game day vibe is all about at each respective school.

5.  Pass the eyeball test!  Coaches will absolutely be in schools from Thanksgiving through Christmas.   If you list 6’2 235lb, you better damn be 6’2 235lb when they pull you out of class.  Every college football team in America strength trains throughout the season.  They expect college level recruits to be doing the same!

Each athlete and specific circumstances surrounding that individuals recruiting requires each package we offer to be specifically tailored to your needs. Each of our recruiters and coaches have personally navigated the process for themselves in college, but have also helped countless other athletes GET NOTICED. Below are just some of the things we can help you with:

    1. Camp and Clinic Schedule
    2. Safety, Realistic and Reach Schools list
    3. Online Application Forms
    4. Highlight Video Production
    5. DVD Duplication and Distribution
    6. E-mail Templates
    7. MUCH MORE....

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Varsity Highlights is your connection to the area’s top sports highlight video and recruiting resource in the country.  We specialize in High Definition highlight videos for all sports.  Our videos showcase each player’s full athletic ability.  If you are planning on continuing your athletic career in college, obtaining a highlight reel to showcase your  talent  is a must!

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