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“After we released the highlight video put together by VH, my sons offers went from 4 to over 15 in just 2 weeks! This will get you noticed!”

-B. Fuller

“After my agent showed my videos they made to a couple of teams, I  got invited to the Veterans Combine, eventually leading to a contract with a team”

-Brian Foster

“All 3 of my sons have made videos with VH, and they have all played at their reach schools, which may not have been possible without the highlight videos they made!”

-N. Alsharif

Varsity Highlight is able to take your footage, no matter what format, condition or quality, and turn it into a presentation that is both captivating and professional. All you have to do is send us your DVD’s, online download links, or Hudl information and we can take care of the rest! Our team of coaches and recruiters can break down your footage for you, or pick them yourself.

Don’t have any footage of your own? We can attend your athletic event, game or sporting outing and capture the footage with our staff of professional videgraphers. We can have anywhere from 1 to even 10 videographers capture every angle and exciting moment in full HD or even 4K quality resolution. GoPro action shots, in huddle audio recording and even drone footage is available!

Be sure to call us today at 201-767-1305 to find out how we can help create the best highlight video available on the market!


A well edited highlight video is a requirement for today's college bound athlete.  It can also be used as a tool to showcase a player's evolution from peewee through the high school years, if produced on a consistent basis.  We are in the business of creating the most professional video, whatever your ultimate goal.

Get Noticed.
Coaches and recruiters receive hundreds of highlight videos each season and players are getting offers to play earlier and earlier in their careers. In today's competitive  recruiting process it is necessary to visually and emotionally separate yourself from the norm. Varsity Highlights can help you differentiate yourself from the competition.

How Do You Want To Be Remembered?
Our staff of coaches and recruiting specialists will carefully examine all of your seasonal game footage and  select the plays which will best showcase your potential to coaches and  recruiting coordinators. Those plays are then captured and rendered into a reel of your highlights by our expert video technicians. Each play will have an animated marker following your movement through the entire playViewers will no longer need to pause  and rewind to find you within the play or be distracted by other players.

DVD, Full HD and 4K Digital Files Available
Our designers will design and produce fully custom packaging, labels and artwork with all highlight packages. This packaging creates a visually  stimulating product which  engages your audience before even watching  the video. Most coaches and recruiters these days prefer a online link to your video, which we provide with every package. We have even begun to offer USB Flash drives that can including your highlight video, full game footage, stats & contact information.


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Varsity Highlights is your connection to the area’s top sports highlight video and recruiting resource in the country.  We specialize in High Definition highlight videos for all sports.  Our videos showcase each player’s full athletic ability.  If you are planning on continuing your athletic career in college, obtaining a highlight reel to showcase your  talent  is a must!

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